I am thrilled that you’ve made it to my corner of the internet! I am eager to partner with you on your Kurl Luv journey and help lead your curls to the land of health and hydration.

The Cuse Curlfriend (Shakera) provides education-based services and specializes in shaping curls. I look forward to partnering with you to help you achieve your hair goals.

  • My services are for those who are…
  • – Looking for education, expert guidance and wish to be released from the shackles of misinformation
  • – Struggling with their natural hair and tired of being a product junkie
  • – Looking to reclaim their time by turning Wash Day into Wash Hour
  • – In need of assistance with with dry, unmanageable hair
  • – You want to wear your loose curls defined and natural hair 90% of the time.