See Some Curls

There is so much information on Blue Ivy’s internet about natural hair care. It can be overwhelming and cumbersome combing through it all. Especially when trying to figure out what’s real and what’s fake news (misinformation) LOL No worries though I got you! Welcome to my hub of Curl Education.

#SeeSomeCurls is a resource library for naturals curated by us (Aeleise & Aishia), two licensed curl artists, for you, the natural who wants to make this hair cute and simple. We make it easy to access accurate natural hair care knowledge on cleansing, conditioning, styling, cutting, coloring, and products that is salon tested on hundreds of real-life clients across the country and thousands of digital clients around the world.

The library includes always accessible full length, consumer-friendly cosmetology classes, monthly topical live classes with Q&A’s on a private platform, guest instructor pop-ups, live streaming directly from our salons in Chicago and Atlanta, and a weekly 10Q session for library members to have their questions answered on video. Membership is $45 for 30 days or $105 for $90 days, and you can cancel at any time.

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